Lord of The Flies Re imagined with the Audio Version

Lord of the Flies

The Lord of the Flies is a dystopian novel written by William Golding in 1954. The book narrates about some British boys who were stuck in an uninhabited island. The book’s theme revolves around the controversial subjects of individual welfare and human nature versus the common good. Having been published in 1954, it was a flop and sold less than 3,000 copies in the US. It was later adapted to film twice by Harry Book and Peter Brook. The book later rose to fame in 2005 when it was chosen as one of the best English language novels. The book is, however, now available in audio version. The audiobook version is to understand and readily available on the internet. The Lord of the Flies online book audio free is available any time and at no cost.

Lord of the Flies Plot Summary

While the world is at war, a British plane crashes on an island located on a remote area of the Pacific Ocean. The survivors are boys in their preadolescence stage. Ralph and Piggy find a conch and Ralph uses it to call the other boys to one place. The boys chose Ralph as their leader although he does not receive the support of the boys’ choir led by Jack Merridew. The leader sets three goals of having fun, to survive, and maintain sufficient smoke signal to alert passing ships.

Jack and his team go for a hunting party in search of food while Ralph oversees the leadership. The leader gets a confidant named Piggy but becomes an outcast of the other boys. He receives relenting laughter from the boys. Simon oversees construction of shelters and is always willing to protect the young boys. As days pass, most of the boys become idle and contribute less in building shelters. They start developing fear by believing of a monster that lives in the island. Ralph refutes such claims while jack prepares to kill the beast. As they after the beast, they miss the chance of getting rescued by a passing ship because they forgot to maintain the smoke signal.

During one of the nights, a dead fighter pilot lands on the island after being ejected from his plane. The body together with the parachute hangs on a mountain and Jack is eager to that location. They create tension by claiming the body is the beast. Jack together with his faction set to explore the other side of the island. Later, Jack, Roger and another lad erect separate shelters and lure others into the group using cooked pig. Simon is the only boy who discovers the dead beast and confirms it is only a dead body. On his return, he is killed by the other as they mistake him for the beast.

Jack and his followers attack Ralph camp in order to possess Piggy’s glasses because they are the only ones that can light fire. Ralph takes the conch and together with other boys go after the stolen glasses. One boy is killed by Roger while two are held hostage. Ralph escapes but Jack orders his boys to go for him early the next morning. The whole island is in flames as they chase Ralph. Ralph trips and falls but wakes up to find a soldier in front of him.

All the chapters and scenes are well described in the audiobook. Download the Lord of the Flies online book audio free and listen as all the scenes unfold.